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As far as this dive site goes, the name really does say it all. This is one of the great Red Sea dive sites and is really like an open aquarium – full of fish and always quiet. The Aquarium is one of the best Taba dive sites offering some of the best Red Sea diving.

The Aquarium is reached by boat and takes approximately an hour to get to from the Hilton jetty, Taba. The dive site is suitable for all certified divers and is good for snorkeling too. The depth starts at 9m up to 20m. You can see glass fish morray eels, puffer fish, upside down shrimp, turtles, nudibranch, huge table corals, grouper fish and sting rays.

Maxwell is the name of the eldest son of the man who discovered this Red Sea dive site, 20 years ago. The dive site looks like an underwater island and lies about 500m off the coast, with a minimum depth of 12m up to 45m. Maxwell’s Reef lies in front of the Ras Amira dive site. Sometimes you will find surface current is reduced when you swim close to the sea bed making. This is one of the more challenging Taba dive sites and is recommended for advanced divers. You are certain to see bait fish here, along with Spanish dancers in the daytime, stone fish, turtles, table corals and sting rays, making for some great Red Sea diving.

Also known as Pharoah’s Island, Coral Island lies about 30 minutes by boat from the Hilton jetty, approximately 250m off the Sinai coast. It is a small island surrounded by corals. On the island is a castle built by Crusaders in the twelfth century and recently restored by the Council of Egyptian Antiquities. This castle, dominated by Salah El Din, the king of Egypt at this time, was used to control the trade of foodstuffs coming from Asia and demand taxes from pilgrims on their way to Mecca. From here you will have amazing views of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel. The island has much for non-divers to see so there is plenty for the whole family.

As far as the diving goes, the area is completely sheltered of waves and current, and fit for divers of all capabilities as well as snorkelers. The depth starts at 3m up to 30m. You can do two different dives here and see an abundance of marine life such as glass fish, flying fish, sea cucumbers, turtles, eagle rays, grouper fish, frog fish, nudibranch, crocodile fish, table corals and some wonderful sea sponges.

In Arabic, Ras means ‘head’ and Amira ‘Princess’ – an apt name for this majestic site. Ras Amira is located about 50 minutes by boat from the Taba Hilton jetty. The dive site is completely sheltered of waves and current and the slope is very gentle, starting at a depth of 6m up to 30m. This makes this site a nice quiet spot for diving and snorkeling. At Ras Amira, you can see grey moray eels, octopi, turtles, crocodile fish, weaver corals and some excellent table corals.

Marsa El Mugabila is an hour’s boat ride from the Hilton jetty. Sometimes you will find surface current, but it this dissipates at sea bed. This site is good for all diving and snorkeling activities. You can see glass fish at a depth of 20m, yellow tail barracuda, stone fish, eagle rays, and finger corals which make beautiful shapes which look like castle walls.

This dive site has a unique construction which attracts many divers and snorkelers. It looks like Dahab’s famous blue hole, but is somewhat shallower. The average depth at the dive site is 15m. The hole starts from 9m upto 27m. With a diameter of approximately 20m it is a perfect circle and a very quiet spot for diving, sheltered from waves and current. The Fjord is an excellent for all diving and snorkeling activities, and one of the more impressive Red Sea dive sites. You can see red anemones, glass fish, grouper fish, schools of yellow tail barracuda, stone fish, frog fish, sting rays, and turtles. Most of these species inhabit the shallower area of the site where they may be enjoyed by divers and snorkelers alike.

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